European Association for Health Information and Libraries 2021

05 - 08 July 2021

Marmara University










Dear EAHIL Colleagues, 

   It is a great please for us to invite you to the EAHIL2021 Workshop in İstanbul.

İstanbul is the biggest city in Turkey and cultural and economic center. It is located in Bosphorus strait and sea of Marmara. Bosphorus separates two Asia and Europe and İstanbul is the only big city of world which is located in two continents. İstanbul is one of most holy of world cities. Part of İstanbul fascination is its location, where Europe connects to Asia via Bosphorus sea and İstanbul’s being connective bridge between two continents makes it the unique city of world. It is where Black sea mixes Aegean waters. East and west in cultural point of Turkey’s biggest metropolis are integrated.

Marmara University is one of the oldest educational institutions in Turkey. Rectorate of Marmara University at Sultanahmet Square (Hippodrome of Constantinople) in the Fatih district of İstanbul.

Our university is welcoming international colleagues to Marmara University, with its long history, had rapidly became a modern and international university which hosts and participates in scientific meetings, cultural activities, art exhibitions and sports along with various other national and international events. Marmara University is one of the few Turkish universities, which is a member of the European University Association (EUA). In 2018, Times Higher Education ranked the our university within the 801-1000 band globally.    Our university is located in the heart of the city, an area very close to the historical places and very well served by road links and public transport.

The venue of EAHIL2021 will be Ord. Prof. Dr. Nihad Sayar Meeting Hall which is in Rectorate of Marmara University Building at Sultanahmet Square.    You have a chance to visit Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, German Fountain , Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar, Hagia Irene Church, Topkapı Palace, Petit Hagia Sophia from the venue by walk very easly.   

We would like to invite you to our beautiful İstanbul which is the meeting point of continents, cultures, arts, history and science for 2021 .

                                                                                                      Asst.Prof. Güssün GÜNEŞ

                                                                                 EAHIL2021  Chair of the IPC&LOC Committee



  • Güssün GÜNEŞ

    Asst.Prof. Güssün GÜNEŞ

    EAHIL2021 Chair of the IPC &LOC Committee, Marmara University, Turkey

  • Tomas ALLEN

    Tomas ALLEN

    WHO, Switzerland

  • Gerhard BISSELS

    Gerhard BISSELS

    Lecturer in Library Innovation, The University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, Switzerland

  • Wichor BRAMER

    Wichor BRAMER

    Biomedical information specialist, Erasmus MC (EAHIL2022 host), Netherlands

  • Latifa BOUANZI

    Latifa BOUANZI

    International Agency for Research on Cancer, France

  • Marshall DOZIER

    Marshall DOZIER

    University of Edinburgh, Smaller Territories of the UK

  • Ana-Maria FERRINHO

    Ana-Maria FERRINHO

    Coordinator & Library Liaison for LTC, Canada

  • Ina FOURIE

    Ina FOURIE

    University of Pretoria, South Africa

  • Alice HADDADIN

    Alice HADDADIN

    Director Medical Library and Educational Resources Center King Hussein Cancer Center, Jordan

  • Tiina HEINO

    Tiina HEINO

    Information Specialist, Helsinki University Library, Finland

  • Susana Oliveira HENRIQUES

    Susana Oliveira HENRIQUES

    Head Librarian Lisbon University Medical School, Portugal



    Medical University of Lodz, Poland

  • Alicia Fátima Gómez SÁNCHEZ

    Alicia Fátima Gómez SÁNCHEZ

    TU Wien, Austria

  • Valeria SCOTTI

    Valeria SCOTTI

    Fondazione IRCCS San Matteo of Pavia, Italy

  • Maurella Della SETA

    Maurella Della SETA

    Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Italy


    University College London, Smaller Territories of the UK



    Bezmialem University, Turkey

  • Kübra Zayim GEDİK

    Co-Chairman Kübra Zayim GEDİK

    Bezmialem University, Turkey

  • Mustafa Kemal ÇELEBİ

    Mustafa Kemal ÇELEBİ

    Çukurova University, Turkey

  • Huriye ÇOLAKLAR

    Huriye ÇOLAKLAR

    Bartın University, Turkey

  • Yaşar GÖÇER

    Yaşar GÖÇER

    Marmara University, Turkey

  • Nurgül KILIÇ

    Nurgül KILIÇ

    Ankara University, Turkey



    Acıbadem Mehmet Ali Aydınlar University, Turkey

  • Abdullah Murat METE

    Abdullah Murat METE

    Tınaztepe University, Turkey

  • Ertaç NEBİOĞLU

    Ertaç NEBİOĞLU

    Koç University, Turkey

  • Nermin NUMANOĞLU

    Nermin NUMANOĞLU

    Marmara University, Turkey

  • Ayşegül TÜRKOĞLU

    Ayşegül TÜRKOĞLU

    Marmara University, Turkey

Important Dates

  • 15.01.2021

    Opening Call for Abstracts : January 15th 2021

  • 07.02.2021

    Deadline for Abstract Submissions : February 7th 2021

  • 22.02.2021

    Notification of Abstract Acceptance : February 22nd 2021

  • 08.03.2021

    Deadline for EAHIL-EBSCO Scholarships : March 8th 2021

  • 08.03.2021

    Deadline for Abstract Final Versions of Accepted Submissions : April 1st 2021

  • 21.04.2021

    Deadline for Registration of Presenters April 21st 2021



Crossing the Bridge :
New Challenges, New Opportunities




Physical and Virtual

● New challenges, new issues 
● New roles in profession 
● New roles for librarians 
● New challenges in health sciences librarianship 
● New challenges in physical library spaces 
● What did we learn from the pandemic?
● Designing new spaces
● Designing your life and career in virtual world
● Delivery tools in libraries 
● Traditional and Emerging Services 
● Engaging your online viewers 
● Engaging a live and virtual audience simultaneously 
● Acting professionally in a virtual world 


Education and literacy

● Digital education
● Digital Literacy
● New challenges in online learning skills
● Online access to library services
● Gaming in libraries
● Education and current challenges
● Sharing, learning and motivational strategies
● Designing new skills: digital storytelling
● Understanding teaching and learning
● Telemedicine 


Communication and publication

● Scholary publishing systems
● Scholarly communication
● Open access
● Open Access Repositories
● Opennes
● Online communication strategies
● Innovation in Publishing
● Communicating with your patrons in a virtual World
● Research Impact


 Data and research

● Research Data Management
● Data mining
● Data curation
● Data sharing
● Data collection for assessment
● Open data
● Open knowledge
● Open Science
● Medical data
● Big data
● Research data and support
● Research intelligence


Evidence and resources

● Evidence-based librarianship
● Evidence-based medicine in times of crisis
● Supporting research and researchers in pandemics
● COVID-19 evidence-based resources
● COVID‐19 for health, medicine, and in ethics
● Librarians’ role in evidence-based medicine education and practice
● Systematic searching


Innovation and services

● Artificial intelligence (AI)
● AR/ VR/ MR/XR in Libraries
● Future of Health Innovation
● Health Informatics
● Medical Informatics
● Technology in Librarianship
● Changes in Technology Platforms
● Old services, new ways

Papers and Posters

Guidelines for Workshop Proceedings  

The Workshop proceedings will be published on the EAHIL Workshop website.  The International Programme Committee appreciates your co-operation in following the instructions to produce papers that are uniform in format. The length of final abstracts should not exceed 2500 characters.

Paper format: Papers should be supplied in MS Word. Papers should be typed single spaced and left justified using Times Roman font size 12 point.

Paper title: The title of the paper should be typed in Title Case (boldface 12pt) and left justified on the page. The author's name in bold letters and left justified on the page. Underline the presenting author in case the paper is co-authored. Directly under the author's name and also left justified is the author's affiliation institution, town and country, plus e-mail address of presenting or first author.

Abstract( Main Text): For the main body of the text, there are no specific requirements. You can organise it in a way that best suits your research.

However, the following structure will be suitable in many cases:
Introduction Methods Results (with subheadings) Discussion (without subheadings)

if appropriate, into sections, e.g. Introduction, Objectives, Methods etc. The section titles should be in bold sentence case.

Keywords: Keywords should be placed after the abstract. (Max 5) 

Electronic submission : Email the full abstract of your paper to the Chair of the International Programme Committee, Dr. Güssün Güneş (eahil2021@marmara.edu.tr) as an e-mail attachment by 1 April 2021. No Paper-No Podium rule will be strictly applied.

Guidelines for  Posters

Posters will be shown during an online poster exhibition, however, there will be no live poster presentations by the authors. The Workshop participants will have the opportunity to discuss the posters with their authors through comments posted below the posters. The authors will be obligated to answer the comments below their posters. Due to the online format of EAHIL 2021 Workshop, you can prepare  a Static Poster in PDF, JPG, PNG format or Interactive Poster.

If you choose to prepare an Interactive Poster, instructions for authors are at below:

 it can be a presentation of up to 5 slides
 or a video up to 3 minutes long
it can include an audio recording
it can also be an animated poster in GIF, PPS, FLV format
it can include subtitles in the video
The file size of the static poster should not exceed 5MB
The file size of the interactive poster should be up to 15MB.

Deadline for online poster submission: 31 May 2021 

Help with Submissions
If you require assistance with your proposal feel free to contact  Dr. Güssün Güneş or by e-mailling at eahil2021@marmara.edu.tr for any queries regarding your paper poster, CEC or Interactive Workshop.  

Sponsoring Packages

Online and Onsite Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities at EAHIL Workshop  2021 is available

Join us!

Contact:  eahil2021@marmara.edu.tr







Main Sponsor

Wolters Kluwer is a global provider of professional information, software solutions, and services for clinicians, accountants, lawyers, and tax, finance, audit, risk, compliance, and regulatory sectors. We are committed to helping professionals improve the way they do business and solve complex problems with confidence in an ever-changing world. Our over 183-year legacy and portfolio represent thousands of customers worldwide including 93% of the Fortune 500 companies.

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Gemini Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş.; represents Wolters Kluwer UpToDate and Elsevier Clinical Solutions in Turkey and provides updated /evidence-based clinical decision support solutions and e-resources to Medical Schools and Hospitals. We integrate these platforms to hospital EHR Systems and work closely with EMR Companies as well as Hospital IT departments . With 26 years of experience, Gemini's clinical decision support systems has been widely and efficiently used in more than 70 Medical Faculty ( via ANKOS ) and 63 Training and Research Hospital via ULAKBIM National Licence Agreements. We also offer online medical resources and medical education e-learning platforms to support students and academicians in distance education process.



110 / Person
  • On-line Meeting
    Early Bird Registration ( Before June 2 2021)

125 / Person
  • On-line Meeting
    Late Registration ( After June 2 2021)

25 / Person
  • On-line CEC
    Half A Day

55 / Person
  • On-line CEC
    All Day


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Contact : eahil2021@marmara.edu.tr